"These [children] must grow up with a feeling that they have a real home." - Milton S. Hershey
Who We Are

Our ranks include MHS alumni, childcare professionals, and others who share our desire to protect the Hersheys’ children.

"The Chocolate Heist"

For an eye-opening explanation of PHC’s work, please watch PHC board member Ric Fouad speak on the subject at Harvard Law School.
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Why You Should Care

In Pennsylvania, 30,000 children are in foster care, costing the taxpayers millions. Managed prudently, the Hershey Trust can provide for thousands more of those children in desperate need.

WITF SmartTalk
Television Program

Watch PHC's Ric Fouad on WITF SmartTalk feature on the Milton Hershey School.
How You Can Help

You can help in a variety of ways. Join our newsletter. Participate in our forum. Write a letter to the editor. But most importantly, be informed.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Click here to read the investigative
series by Philadelphia Inquirer
reporter Bob Fernandez

In the News

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PHC Press Releases & Announcements

MHS Leaders End HIV Discrimination -- PHC Vindicated August 13, 2012
Watchdog Group Blows Whistle on "Charitable" Board Self-Enrichment, Thursday, Sep 2, 2010